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Hi this is Tim and i would like to tell you a little about the history of NATCO transmission, it goes something like this. I grew up with a silver spoon in hand and did not have to worry about a thing. Then one day a knock came upon the door, it was the F.B.I. and they were looking for my father, Well they had taken him away and charge him with tax evasion and grand larceny, sentenced him to life in prison. So at the age of thirteen i began to steal cars and sell the parts to local high school teachers explaining to them that the family owned a wrecking yard. I learned early on that the transmission was the most popular item they wanted, so i decided to put all my energy into transmissions. It was a lot easier to slip under the fence at dealerships and take the transmission out, rather than take the whole car  i could get them out in less than 10 minutes when i wasn't drunk and high on pot. So after about 2,000 dealerships and quit a few sales at the high schools i had a good deal of cash. I first looked into buying a car dealership but decided there was too many thieves out there, and that there would a good chance my property would be at risk. So one day while driving a stolen car down highway 65 i noticed a mechanics shop for sale tools and everything, i stopped in and talked to the old man that owned it, he was pretty firm on his price but i offered him way less for the business. After months of harassing phone calls and threats i got serious and sent down the bikers i had known from my car stealing days, just to strong arm him a little. I bet it was about 2 weeks after my biker friends first visit, i recieved a phone call saying you have a deal. That was the last time i heard from that old fart. Now 20 years later i am making a living at what i like to do.... Transmission repair and rebuilding.... So that's my story. Oh if you happen to have any parts for sale please let me know.
THE ABOVE STORY IS NOT TRUE...We hope you had a good chuckle.
The Truth is Natco Transmission has been in business since 1984, Tim and his crew are highly
trained and are committed to providing the highest quality service possible. To be continued...