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24612 Ulysses St. NE  Isanti, MN 55040

Natco has been building performance automatic transmission's since its beginning. We Build transmission's for street rods, drag racing, enduro, Dirt oval and demolition derby cars.Natco is best known in the performance world for their innovation of the Metric 200 transmission for circle track racing, as well as rebuilding power glides for both drag racing and circle track applications.Natco builds 9"ford gear sets for circle track, drag and street applications. Natco also sells a complete line of Fast Shafts products as well as Proven Force and Midwest Converter supply performance torque converters.Midwest Converter and Natco has worked together extensively on the development of the Slingshot converter for the circle track racing Industry, providing you with a truly state of the art torque converter.At this time Natco Transmission (to the best of our Knowledge) is the only place you can get a SFI approved bolt on bellhousing for the metric 200 transmission .We have both for the Chevy & Chrysler small block motors. We are currently working on producing it for the Ford small block motor in addition to the Chevy and Chrysler motors